Body Barrier soaps do more than your typical bar soap or body wash. They are functional cleansers that leverage skin similar ingredients and supplement grade topical actives to cleanse gently yet effectively, support a healthy skin microbiome and preserve and enhance skin barrier function — all to keep you healthy, happy and beautiful.

Best Sellers
  • Citrus pH Buffwash
    Citrus pH Buffwash
  • Cactus Water Crush
    Cactus Water Crush
  • Rosewater Tonewash
    Rosewater Tonewash
  • SQQ10 Moisture Mirror
    SQQ10 Moisture Mirror
  • Bamboo Untox
    Bamboo Untox
  • B5 Bee Honey Hydration
    B5 Bee Honey Hydration

100% Made by Us

All Body Barrier products are formulated in our own labs and produced by us in our own facilities. No one else touches products until it touches your skin.


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